Speech Therapy

Please Note: We currently do not offer this service. We are in the process of hiring a Speech Therapist.

Help Your Child Speak With Confidence

Our pediatric speech therapy helps children talk comfortably and understand behavioral issues when they can't communicate in Topsham or Brunswick, ME

Struggling with speech can make your child shy, withdrawn, and hesitant to communicate with you or their friends. It can be painful to watch as a parent, but you can help your child. When children can't talk, they may express themself through behaviors. We can help work through behavioral issues by helping to give your child a voice. You can learn how to support them with the help of a speech therapist.

Kid O'Therapy, LLC can provide pediatric speech therapy for your child in Topsham, ME. For more than nine years, we've been helping children communicate through speech. We've also been conducting thorough screenings for speech and language difficulties. To arrange for a free screening for your child, call 207-844-8287 now.

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Our ASHA-certified professionals provide pediatric speech therapy and other services to help kids express themselves, gain new abilities and engage with their friends and family. We draw from more than 21 years of experience to make each therapy session fun. Arrange for an appointment with a speech therapist now to begin your child's journey toward easier speech.