Help Your Child Succeed with Everyday Activities

Schedule an appointment with a local occupational therapist Serving Topsham & Brunswick, ME

Is something holding your child back from playing, socializing with other kids or participating in school? A local occupational therapist at Kid O'Therapy, LLC can help your child build skills for everyday activities.

Your child can participate in an occupational therapy plan in Topsham, ME to address:

Fine motor skills
Gross motor skills
Cognitive skills
Motor planning, sequencing, and coordination skills
Sensory processing skills
Visual processing difficulties
Eating difficulties

We'll help your child do things like eating, dressing, playing with toys or managing schoolwork. For a skills assessment, arrange an appointment right away.

Small children participate in occupational therapy

Our local occupational therapists work with infants, teenagers, and young adults. We use play to help them identify their sensory likes and dislikes and improve the skills they use every day, including bilateral movement and reflex integration. We also help kids overcome issues like picky eating, tolerating clothing, bathing, touch sensitivity, and improving social skills. Reach out to us now to schedule a free screening for your child.