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We provide physical therapy and occupational therapy for kids in the Topsham, Brunswick & Midcoast area

If your child struggles with mobility or motor skills, occupational therapy can help them build the skills they need for everyday activities. Kid O'Therapy offers occupational therapy from birth to 21-year-olds. Your child can participate in therapy at our office in Topsham, ME, or in the community. During therapy, some of the skills we will work on are visual processing, eating difficulties, and sensory behavioral education that will allow new skills to carry into adulthood while having a great time playing together.

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Our office has been building a range of services and programs over the past nine years in Topsham, ME. Collectively, we have 21 years of experience.

In addition to occupational therapy, we offer pediatric physical therapy. Your child can work with us when they're:

  • Improving their mobility or communication
  • Recovering from an injury or illness
  • Dealing with a disability or chronic illness
  • Finding new approaches for those having difficulty dealing with daily activities

They can get started with a free 15 minute screening, meet and greet, to understand their needs. Please note a screening is NOT a formal evaluation and does not include standardized testing, diagnosis, or a written report or treatment plan. It is an opportunity to meet your child and understand if an occupational or physical therapist is needed.

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Our company is family-based and family-first. Our pediatric occupational therapists and other professionals motivate kids through play, building trust and confidence along the way. We're driven by our commitment to helping children and supported by more than 21 years of experience. Reach out to us today to learn more about our team providing occupational therapy for kids.