Clynk Bottle Drive

We service many rural families in Maine through teletherapy.
Often times we're finding families don't have the basics of glue, scissors, play dough etc. to do fine motor activities at home.
Although our therapists are very resourceful some of the basic resources are needed at home to work on OT goals.
Therefore we are starting a bottle donation to help purchase items for families in need.
Please bring your bottles to the office so we can put them towards this fund.

We are Honored to be Part of the Historical District

Kid O'Therapy, LLC is located at 41 Main Street in the Historic District and occupies one of the most prominent structures in Topsham. Historically, the building has been recorded as being part of the Underground Railroad. 41 Main Street continues to provide back to the community by serving children with special needs.

We are proud to be part of a property that gives back to the community and continuing its legacy.