Occupational Therapy In Action!!

Vestibular Therapy helps with sensory processing, movement and body awareness.

Astronaut Training In Occupational Therapy

Astronaut training is not just for NASA anymore. Check out how occupational therapy increases a child's attention, focus, and organization of movement with the body and brain.

A Mother's view on Occupational Therapy

What Is Atronaut Training? How Is It Helpful In School?

Therapist who use Astronaut Training as a treatment modality have attended specialized training to understand how movement, works with the philological and neurological systems of the body and effects on the brain, attention and focus for academic success.

The Results - Writing Your ABC's

It takes great attention, focus, motor planning and sequencing to write your name and the letters of the alphabet. This little boy went from no interest in learning his letters and holding a pencil to developing a sense of accomplishment with writing his letters. This is after his occupational therapy session with using astronaut training modalities.