Referral Testimonials & Community Partnership

"Our agency has had the pleasure of working with the staff at Kid O' Therapy. We have had positive experiences with the speech therapist, many occupational therapists and the physical therapist that work there. Even the office staff is cheerful, helpful and friendly. I appreciate the flexibility, professionalism and kindness shown by this agency. Both parents and preschoolers have wonderful experiences to share. They are always there to help us out in a bind, paperwork is very professional and they attend meetings with thoughtful information to share. They are a great collaborative team. They have provided both evaluations and therapy for our clients. I highly recommend them to meet the needs of my clients" - Case manager

"As a Case Manager, Kid O'Therapy has made my job 100% less stressful. The therapists that work there are all knowledgeable in their respective fields and all help to answer parents questions in an accurate and timely fashion. They continue to advocate for the children they serve and always go above and beyond to help get the children the services they deserve. Not only are they great advocates, but they are very professional while doing so. I feel more than comfortable recommending them for therapy to any parent who walks in my door". - Case manager

Referral Form

We accept referrals from physicians, case managers, fellow therapists, teachers, and parents. In order to bill your insurance we will need to have a physician's referral with a diagnosis code. Anyone can make a referral. Please see our form below for the information we need to begin the process. Thank you. We look forward to working with your family.

Kid O'Therapy Physician Referral Form (pdf)